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Hello friends in this topic, we will discussed about piping in which we know that Different types of pipe and types of pipe fittings as well as we also know about some pipe fittings tools which is widely used in industry and also home appliance.

The system of pipes and tubes fitting is known as Piping. It deals with laying of pipelines for the transportation of the fluids, steam or gas.
Also piping is play most important role in our home appliance where we use piping for transporting and supply of drinking water.

Piping is used for fluids in specialised applications that means water or gas supply and sewage system.

In this topic, we will discuss about the related aspects such as different types of pipe and types of pipe fittings.

So let's start todays topic

Types of Pipe

Different types of Pipe are classified into different categories, which are as follows

On the Basis of Applications

According to the kinds of working, the pipes are divided in many types such as water pipe, gas pipe, steam pipe, oil pipe, etc.
The purpose of each pipe is defined by its name.
For example steam pipe is used in the boiler or power plant where water is utilised to converts its to in a pressurised steam.

On the Basis of Manufacturing Processes

According to the production of material different types of pipe have such as weld pipe, casted pipe, drawn pipe, seamless pipe, etc.

On the Basis of Capacity

According to the working capacity of the pipes. There are different types of pipe are classified such as light pipe, heavy pipe, standard pipe, extra heavy pipe, etc.

On the Basis of joining process

According to the basis of the process of joining. The pipes have many types such as threaded pipe, flanged pipe, collar pipe, socket pipe and spigot pipe, etc.

On the basis of material

There are different types of pipe and their uses on the basis of material shown in below

•Wrought-iron pipe

• Cast Iron Pipe

 •RCC Pipe

• GI Pipe

• Asbestos Cement pipe

•Rubber or nylon pipe

•High-pressure steel or gas pipe

•Copper pipe

•Brass pipe

• Lead pipe

• Aluminium pipe

•Conduit pipe

•Plastic pipe

•Steel Pipe

Here some types of pipe which is mostly used in industry or for home appliance is shown in figure

different types of pipe
Various types of Pipe

Application of different types of pipe 

After knowing different types of pipe now we will know application and uses of pipe one by one.

Wrought-iron pipe

Wrought iron pipe is generally used for steam and high pressure liquid material.
That means this type of pipe mostly used in power plant industries.

Cast Iron Pipe

It is widely used in the form of drinking water pipelines.

RCC Pipe

It is used in the form of heavy or large underground water and sewer pipelines.

GI Pipe

Galvanised iron pipe is used in the domestic environment as a drinking water pipeline.

Asbestos Cement pipe

It is used to drain off the rain water.

Rubber or nylon pipe

It is widely used in the kitchen, garden, and tube well, etc.

High-pressure steel or gas pipe

It is used to transmit the steam, gas and oil.
This type of pipe also used in Boiler or power plant industries.

Copper pipe

It is used in the steam engine or boiler.

Brass pipe

It is used in pipelines of aeroplanes.

Lead pipe

It is used only in the acid line.

Aluminium pipe

Aluminium pipe is also used in pipelines of aeroplanes.

Conduit pipe

It is only used in underground wiring of electricity.

Plastic pipe

It is used in underground wiring and water pipelines.

Steel Pipe

Steel pipe are various used in industries because of steel pipe is strong as well as chance of rust is very less.
Steel pipe found in various variety such as stainless steel, carbon steel etc.

Types of Pipe Fitting 

Pipes are to joined with each other by using some accessories, this process is known as pipes fitting.

There are different types of pipe fittings accessories as follows





•Reducing Socket


•Union Pipe

•Drain Cock

•Stop Valve


Different types of pipe fittings are shown in figure and briefly explain below

Different types of pipe fittings
Pipe Fittings Accessories


Socket is used to join two pipes of same diameter.


It is used in the pipeline to bend at 90°.
That means where the requirement of the pipe to bend 90° then elbow is used.


It has three faces and used to take the branch line from the main line.


Cross is used in Pipe fitting to connect four pipes at a one time in right angles to each other.

Reducing Socket

This is used to connect a big pipe to a small pipe face to face.
Reducing socket mostly used in where two different diameter of pipe require to join.


It has external threads and is used to close the last end of the pipe.


It is used to connect the pipes and provides the facility to disconnect the defect pipeline.

Drain Cock

It is used in the pipeline system to control the flow of fluid coming out from the pipeline either by opening or closing it.

Stop Valve

It is used in a pipeline, where flow of water is in straight line and having a huge pressure.
Bend is used in pipe fittings system  for changing direction of pipe slightly or more.

Pipe Fittings Tools

Many types of pipe fittings tools are used in piping

Some important types of pipe fittings tools are given below

• Pipe Cutter

• Pipe Wrench

• Pipe Die

•Pipe Vice

•Hand Saw

Some pipe fittings tools are shown in figure

different types of pipe and pipe fittings

Pipe Cutter

It has a C-shaped strong frame, which contains a cutting wheel at its spindle, which cut the pipe and cutter has the sharp edge.

Pipe Wrench

It is made up of forged steel and used for opening or tightening pipe sockets and round pipes.

Pipe Die

Pipe die is used for threading on the pipe ends. It is rotated by the stock. The pipe die is used for external threading of the pipe ends.

Pipe Vice

It is used for clamping pipes for threading, fitting and removing.
 It is fitted on a bench or on a special three - legged stand.

Hand Saw

It is used for cutting pipes up to 150 mm diameter. Use fine blades of 0.8 or 1 mm pitch for cutting pipe.

Types of Pipe Fittings Operation

Generally, following operations are performed during pipe fitting

• Cutting

•Burr Removing


•Making up


The pipes are cut in required length by hack sawing or by pipe cutter.

Burr Removing

In pipe cutting operation, the inside burr of the pipe in the hole can be removed by using a pipe reamer and outside burr can be removed by using a flat file.


Threading of the pipe is done by using pipe dies with stock.

Making up

Making up with pipe fitting can be done by using slillson pipe wrench.

So friends in this topic I talked about Different types of pipe and types of pipe fittings as well as we know about some pipe fittings tools if any query regarding this topic you can ask me through comment.

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