What is Difference Between Emery Paper and Sandpaper?

Hello friends, Today we are going to talk about what is difference between emery paper and sandpaper?

Before knowing the difference between emery paper and sandpaper, first of all, we have to know what is emery paper and sandpaper.

Emery paper and sandpaper both are used in the manufacturing industry for rubbing or scrubbing a rough surface to achieve the desired finish surfaces.

Emery paper and sandpaper look and feel similar, but these products are actually completely different which are discussed below in detail.

So, without wasting time let's know what is difference between emery paper and sandpaper. 

What is Emery Paper?

Emery paper is a type of paper that can be used for scrubbing high and rough surfaces. 

It can also be used to give a smooth and shiny finish to the manufactured product. 

Emery paper is a type of abrasive paper used for rubbing and polishing metal.

In this, the back part of the rough-structured surface is a smooth paper. 

Emery paper is commonly used in watch making, jewelry making, and automotive repair. 

Emery paper is made by sticking an abrasive on a paper sheet.

In many cases, multiple grits of emery paper are used to achieve the desired finish. 

For example, the coarse paper has to be used first to remove excessive metal. 

A medium grit paper is then used to the smooth surface and remove any remaining impurities. 

Finally, fine grit paper refines the metal and brings out its original shine. 

All of these papers can be used dry or wet depending on the final finish required.

 What is Sandpaper?

Sandpaper is also used for scrubbing rough surfaces.

It is a special type of thick paper with a rough, abrasive surface.
Most painters often sand the wall with sandpaper before painting it.

Wood workers are also used sandpaper for smoothing wood surfaces as well as it is also useful for removing loose paint, grit, or dirt when using painting or refinishing something.

So we can say that it is basically used for scrubbing soft materials like plastic, wood leather, etc.

Sandpaper is believed to have been invented in China in the thirteenth century from a crushed substance, often shells or sand, that was glued to parchment with natural glue.

Difference Between Emery Paper and Sandpaper

difference between emery paper and sand paper
Emery Paper and Sandpaper

There are the following differences between emery paper and sandpaper

1. In specific form emery paper is the corundum which is a hard stone and cuts the metal. 

While sandpaper is a softer stone such as quartz, flint, or garnet. 

Corundum is slightly less than a diamond in hardness.

2. Emery paper is used for rubbing metal while sandpaper is used for scrubbing softer materials such as wood and plastic.

Abrasive Paper By Numbers for Emery Paper and Sandpaper

Abrasive papers are classified by one mark.

Which is related to the size of the grit particles. 

Higher scores mean smaller graces and are used to get a smoother surface.

Abrasive Paper Marks, Grades, and Uses

Grit: 40-60

Composition: Very Rough

Usage: For the rough rubbing and shaping, Paint Removal

Grit: 80-81

Composition: Medium

Usage: For the intermediate rubbing after a rough rubbing, scrub of already painted surfaces.

Grit: 180-240

Composition: Medium Fine

Usage: For final rubbing before finishing.

Grit: 200-240

Composition: Fine

So friends, here I discussed what is emery paper and sandpaper as well as the difference between emery paper and sandpaper.

I hope you all enjoy this post.

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