Are Mike Norvell and Jay Norvell Related? Exploring the Football Dynasty

In the world of college football, family legacies often take center stage, creating a narrative that spans generations. 

Two prominent names in the coaching realm, Mike Norvell and Jay Norvell have garnered attention not only for their coaching prowess but also for their shared surname. 

Are they related, or is it merely a coincidence? This article delves into the intriguing connection between Mike Norvell and Jay Norvell.

Are Mike Norvell and Jay Norvell Related?Unraveling the Football Dynasty

Mike Norvell's Journey

Mike Norvell, born on October 11, 1981, in Irving, Texas, had a modest start to his football career. 

As a talented wide receiver, he played college football at Central Arkansas, where he made a name for himself with his work ethic and dedication. 

After graduating, Norvell transitioned into coaching, starting as a graduate assistant at the University of Tulsa.

Jay Norvell's Path

Jay Norvell, born on July 28, 1963, hails from Madison, Wisconsin, and embarked on his football journey much earlier than Mike. 

He played wide receiver at the University of Iowa, where he showcased his athletic prowess. 

Jay's coaching career began with the Hawkeyes before he ventured into the NFL, where he worked as an assistant coach for various teams.

Unraveling the Family Tree

Despite the shared surname, Mike Norvell and Jay Norvell are not direct relatives. Their connection lies in their professional world rather than their family tree. 

While both have made significant contributions to college football, their paths crossed through mutual colleagues and shared experiences.

Coaching Influences

It's essential to highlight the impact of mentors and colleagues in both Mike and Jay Norvell's careers. 

Jay Norvell's coaching journey was influenced by luminaries like Bill Snyder and Bob Stoops, while Mike Norvell learned under the tutelage of Todd Graham and Gus Malzahn. 

These connections forged a bond between the two coaches.

The Coaching Legacies:


Mike Norvell's Rise

Mike Norvell's coaching career has been nothing short of remarkable. 

After gaining experience as an assistant coach, he assumed the head coaching position at the University of Memphis in 2016. 

His tenure there saw the Tigers achieve unprecedented success, including multiple bowl game appearances.

 Jay Norvell's Impact

Jay Norvell, on the other hand, has left his mark on the college football landscape as well. 

He took over as the head coach at the University of Nevada in 2017 and revitalized the program. 

The Wolf Pack made notable strides under his leadership, showcasing his coaching acumen.

Crossing Paths

While Mike and Jay Norvell aren't blood relatives, their paths have crossed in the coaching world. 

Their encounters on the sidelines and shared experiences have led to a mutual respect for each other's work ethic and dedication to the game.

Shared Vision

Both coaches share a vision of developing young athletes into not only exceptional football players but also responsible individuals. 

Their commitment to shaping the next generation of athletes sets them apart in the highly competitive world of college football.


In the world of college football, family legacies are commonplace, but the connection between Mike Norvell and Jay Norvell goes beyond mere blood ties. 

While they aren't related by birth, their shared passion for the game and their journeys through the coaching ranks have forged a unique bond. 

These two Norvells may not share a family tree, but they certainly share a love for the gridiron and a commitment to building successful football programs.

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