How to Submit Answer 1989 Vault? Google Vault Puzzle

This week, fans began noticing that searching "Taylor Swift" in online search engines brought up a cartoon vault and a puzzle with letters and numbers that had to be moved around to read: "1989.  (Taylor's version)."  The following hint also appears below the puzzle: "My name is Taylor and I was born..." Fans are then asked to enter their answer into the search bar.

According to Pop Base, Swift will unveil the Vault 1989 (Taylor's version) after 33 million puzzles are completed via Google.  A few hours later, Swift addressed the mysterious puzzle and shared another Vault scene, showing the letters T, S, U, and L flying by.  "You can tell me when the *search* will end...was the height worth the pain," he captioned the post.


How to Submit Answer 1989 Vault?

Search "Taylor Swift" in a blank space (ahem, a search bar).  Click on the blue vault and solve a word puzzle.  This may take a second, as there are 89 puzzles to get through (a la "1989 (Taylor's Version)") - don't say we didn't warn you!  But nothing lasts forever.  You'll help Swifties escape the world jungle (or open the safe) as everyone collectively solves 33 million puzzles.  And that's how it works, that's how you get Vault Track titles!

If you still do not understand How to Submit Answer 1989 Vault? then watch this video.

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