The Evolution of Nike's Inclusivity: Size 16 Shoes and Beyond

Nike is one of the biggest sports companies in the world, with a valuation of over 25 billion USD. The company is known to make high-quality athlete shoes, which help them to run, jump and walk.

Therefore, the company released different types of shoes to accommodate footwear for everyone. In addition, after the invention of Jordans, Nike conquered the sports shoe market and youth fashion.

The company has severely moved from making running shoes to building basketball sneakers for players and youth fashion icons.

Moreover, Nike has brought companies like Converse, well-known for their basketball sneakers. Also, the company is known to make size 16 shoes and beyond, ensuring people with big feet can get necessary shoes like normal ones.

Hence, in the next section, we will explore why people prefer Nike size 16 shoes over other brands. Let’s begin then:

Nike Size 16 Shoes

Over the years, Nike has been catering to the needs of athletes and youth fashionistas to have more comfortable and high-quality lives. The company is known to make shoes for big feet size 14 and beyond. They look to build shoes for big feet to give them the ultimate comfort and look to enjoy their daily activities.

The size 16 shoes are applicable to athletes, sports people, and youths who are looking to showcase style and uplift their fashion essence. Besides, there are other reasons why Nike 16 shoes are must-haves:

1.     Brilliant Midsoles

At the heart of Nike’s shoes are brilliant midsoles, which are the ultimate USP of their shoes. Their magical midsoles ensure your feet have the highest comfort level while moving and running around. They are mainly responsible for getting the bouncy feeling in the feet.

Furthermore, ZoomX, React, and Cushion are some of the midsoles in the shoe world. Consequently, it makes the shoes more comfortable and lighter. Hence allowing you to move freely without any hesitation or issues.

2.    Improvement In Upper Advancements

Another improvement that made Nike’s 16-size shoe a brilliant evolution in the shoe world is the Fly-knit and Flywire technology. The technology makes the weight feel light, allowing you to feel lighter, stronger, and breathe better.

One of their best shoes, Pegasus 39, is made with flywire technology, which gives the ultimate comfort to your feet. Furthermore, it helps your feet adjust correctly in the shoe; thus creating a way for big feet to adapt swiftly inside the shoe.

Why Choose Nike’s Shoes Over Other Brands?

Besides the discussion, there are reasons why Nike is among the best brands in the world. The company has been catering to the style and comforting needs of the youth and athletes.

Even the company gives brilliant midsoles and upper advancements, which makes the shoes the best one over other brands. Here are a few of the reasons for choosing the brand:

1.     Inclusiveness

When it comes to diversity, Nike stands in the number one position. They understand the cultural patterns of the world and the appropriateness of maintaining the quality and comfort of people. Additionally, they have bought size 16 shoes for people with big feet, and they have also brought Hijabs for Muslim Athletes. In other words, regarding inclusivity, the company stands first beyond any description. Hence, Nike is the obvious choice for everyone: athletes and fashionistas.

2.     Inspiring Athletes

One of the biggest reasons for choosing Nike over other brands is its ability to inspire people to become great. They understand the failures and motivations of people and address them in their advertisements. Also, with their tagline “Just Do It.” They can drive people looking for greatness and keep on moving. Therefore, if you see the “Find Your Greatness” campaign, you can see how it inspires athletes and young people to work hard. Consequently, you can learn so much from their ad campaigns.

3.     Culture Of Innovation

Another reason Nike is great is that they build a culture of innovation in the company. This leads to the formation of new technology and adds more edge to the shoes, making it the best company in the world.

Besides, the company looks to innovate in style, design, midsoles, and upper advancements to make the best shoes in the world.

Therefore, in their system of making the best company, Nike stands beyond the definition of innovation.

Summing Up!

In the end, Nike is one of the biggest shoe brands in the world. This is because the company can deliver high-quality shoes for style and bear the extremeness of intense sports.

Furthermore, the company can diversify its supply chain by bringing size 16 shoes into its product range.

Hence making it a go-to brand for all athletes.

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