Combination Set: Parts and Uses

Hello friends, Today's topic is related to metrology in which you will learn all aspects related to combination set like their parts, uses, and operating procedures.

A combination set is a very important tool. It is made up of three heads and a blade.  

All three heads can be fitted separately and simultaneously on the same blade.  

Its blade is made of stainless steel or alloy steel, with a rectangular slot cut along its entire length. 

The three heads are set back and forth with the help of thumb screws.

What is Combination Set?

A combination set is used for marking out and taking measurements.

It is usually made of alloy steel.  

Its measuring faces are well grinded.  

Marks are marked on it in inches and millimeters.  

Parts of Combination Set

There are four main parts to this combination set 

  • Steel Rule
  • Square Head
  • Protractor Head
  • Center Head 

See in figure parts of combination set which are described below in detail.

combination set
Combination Set

Steel Rule 

The steel rule can be fitted in the center head, protractor head, or square head. 

Sometimes it is used separately as a straight edge or to take measurements. 

Graduations are usually made in millimeters or half-millimeter on the rule of metric combination set.  

Square Head 

A square head is used to draw lines parallel or at right angles along an edge.  

It is used as a depth gauge or to check angles of 45ยบ and 90 °.  

The square head can be moved to any position on the rule.

Protractor Head

The protractor head is used to layout and check any angle in the precision of 1°. 

A spirit level is attached to it to set the jobs in the horizontal plane. 

Center Head 

The center head becomes a center square when the rule is fitted on it.  

It can be used to locate the center of round, square and octagonal stock.  

Precaution during Operating Combination Set 

The following types of precautions should be taken for the combination set.

  1. It must be used with complete safety to ensure that its working surfaces are not damaged.
  2. If it is not being used, then it should be carefully kept in a separate place by applying oil.  
  3. It should not be mixed with other cutting tools.
  4. Only one head should be used at a time.  
  5. The other heads should be carefully removed and kept separately.

In this post, we’ve discussed What is combination set, parts of Combination set, as well as how to operate it.

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