Types of Scrapers and Their Uses,Scraping Techniques

Hello friends, Today we are going to talk about types of scrapers and their uses.

Scrapers are mostly used in the manufacturing industry for removing unnecessary material from the workpiece.

Before knowing the types of scrapers and their uses, first of all, we have to know what is scraping.

So, without wasting time let's know the types of scrapers and their uses.

What is Scraping?

Scraping is a method in which high spots are removed from the surface in order to fit the parts together with precision.   

In automobiles, it is used to remove the carbon deposited on the cylinder head, piston head, crankshaft, etc.

Types of Scrapers and Their Uses

There are following types of scrapers tools are used and their uses are described below in detail.
  • Flat Scraper
  • Half Round Scraper
  • Three Square Scraper
  • Bullnose Scraper
  • Two Handle Scraper
  • Hook Scraper

Show in figure step by step different types of scrapers which are described below in detail.

types of scrapers
Types of Scrapers

Flat Scraper 

A flat scraper is used for scraping on flat surfaces.

Its cutting edge is round like in a convex shape.

Flat scrapers are found in length from 100 mm to 300 mm and Its edge is made by grinding on one side at an angle of 81 °.

Half Round Scraper 

It is also called a bearing scraper, as it scrapes the surface of bearings.

Half round scraper is found in a semicircular shape.

Three Square Scraper

Its shape is triangular and has three cutting edges so it is also called a triangular scraper.

It is used for sharpening the edges of bush bearings and for scraping the inner spherical surface.

Bullnose Scraper

The shape of these types of scrapers is similar to the shape of the nostrils of a bull, so it is called a bullnose scraper.

It is used for scraping flat and half round surfaces. 

Its edge is found in a circular disc, and It is in 2/3 of the circle. 

It is helpful in scraping large size bearings.

For this, the large bearing surface is scraped by longitudinal stroke or with circumferential movement.

Two Handle Scraper

It is used to scrape large flat surfaces and also used to scrape large curved surfaces.

Hook Scraper

Its shape is like a flat scraper, but its point is bent at an angle of 90 °. 

Therefore, where a flat scraper cannot be used, it is used.

Apart from this, it is also used for scraping the central part of large flat surfaces.

It is often used for finishing work.

Scraping Techniques

Before performing any scraping operation, the surface of the workpiece must be cleaned and coated with pigment. 

Scraping Pigments 

The irregularities can be detected by coloring the surface of the workpiece with pigment or marking media.

The following pigments are often used.

(a) Prussian Blue

(b) Lamp Black

(c) Red Lead mixed with oil

So here I discussed types of scrapers and their uses.

I hope you all enjoy this topic.

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