What is Bush Bearing and Their Parts,Material,Uses

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In which we will know what is bush bearing and its parts, material, uses, etc.


Bush Bearing is the most important type of bearing.


A bearing can be divided into only two categories first one is friction bearing and the second one is antifriction bearing.


Bush bearing comes in the category of friction bearing and always uses lubrication for reducing friction.


So without wasting time let's know what is bush bearing and its parts, material, uses.



What is Bush Bearing?


This is the simplest type of bearing. 


A circular hole is made in the block or body of this bearing where the bush is fitted, in which support is provided to the rotating shaft.


It is also known as the solid bearing.


In this bearing, there is no rolling elements are used.



Parts and Material of Bush Bearing


There are following parts are used in bush bearing:

  • Block or Body
  • Bush
  • Oil Hole(for lubrication)

Show in the figure all parts of bush bearing and their material detailed described in below.

what is bush bearing
Bush Bearing


The body of this bearing is usually made of cast iron (C.I.) while the shafts are made of mild steel.


Cast iron is harder than mild steel, so when the shaft, block, or body is moving relative to the friction, the shaft starts to wear out, and due to this, the recesses of the body and shaft increase.


This causes vibrations and noise in the shaft and eventually the shaft breaks.


To avoid this problem, a bush is fitted in the hole of the block.


A bush is a hollow cylinder whose outer diameter and length are equal to the hole in the body while the inner diameter is equal to the diameter of the shaft. 


The bush is hammered into the body and fitted. Sometimes a cylindrical pin is placed between the body and the bush in which there is no relative motion between them. The shaft is mounted inside the bush.



The material of the bush is usually made of brass, gun metal, or any other bearing metal. 


Due to the softness of this material and due to relative motion between the shaft and the bush, this bush wears out quickly. 


When worn out, a new bush is replaced with the old bush.


In order to reduce the friction between the body, shaft, and the bush and to minimize wear, this bearing also provides the lubrication.


For this purpose, an oil hole is made in the upper part of the body and also in the bush, in which the lubricating oil is kept on the flax and which reaches the shaft through this hole and lubricates it.


Holes are also made in the base of the bolt to fit it on the foundation or in the bracket.



Uses of Bush Bearing


Bush bearing is generally used where a requirement of high speed and maximum possibility of corroding parts.


And also bush bearing was preferred where found a heavy load on the shaft.



So friends here I discussed completely bush bearing like what is bush bearing and its parts, function, uses.


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FAQ Related to Bush Bearing

Can we use metal on Bush in place of bearing at high load and temp?

Yes, because bush bearing is used for high load and temperature.

Why elliptical hole is used in bush bearing?

Because it is used constraints,guide and reduce friction.

How to design bush bearing for presses to avoid seizure?

Bush bearings are based on shrink fit or press fit by using interference between bush and hole to avoid seizure.

Where the Bush bearing preferred in engine?

Bush bearing generally preferred where the heavy load on the shaft and requirement of maximum speed.

Which substance is used to make a bearing bushes?

Cast phosphorus bronze is the substance which is mostly used to make a bearing bushes.

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