Types of Hammers and Their Uses,Parts of Hammers

Hello friends, today's topic is related to hammers, here we will discuss complete tutorials of hammers like different types of hammers and their uses.

Before knowing the types of hammers and their uses, First of all, we have to know parts of hammers, So that we can better understand the types of hammers and their uses.

Hammer is a striking tool and it is mainly used in punching, bending, straightening, chipping, forging, riveting, etc.

Hammer is often made of drop forged carbon steel.

Hammer is also made of brass and copper which is a type of soft hammer.

Hammer handles are often made of wood which has the capacity to absorb shock.

So, without wasting time let's know what is hammers, what are parts of hammers, how many types of hammers and their uses.

What is Hammers?

Hammer is an important tool that is mostly used in industry or workshops.

It is used for striking while chipping, riveting, punching, forging, straightening, bending, etc.   

Parts of hammers

The head and handle are the main parts of a hammer.  

The size of the hammer is specified according to its weight and the size of the peen.

There are the following main parts of hammers:
  1. Head 
  2. Handle
Show in the figure parts of hammers which are described below in detail.
types of hammers and their uses
Parts of Hammers


The head of the hammer has many parts such as the face, peen, cheek, eye hole which we will discuss below in detail.
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Peen
  • Cheek
  • Eye hole
  • Poll
  • Wedge


The face is the main part of the hammer, by which we strike on a workpiece or job.

Always make the face slightly raised so that its edges do not deteriorate.


The part near the face which is a little curve is called the neck.


The other side of the face is called peen, it is mainly used when we have to bend a job or give another shape.


The middle part of the hammer is called the cheek.

Eye hole

The eye hole is a very important part of the hammer as it is fitted with a handle.


The straight section below the face is called a poll.


Wedges are used to fix and tighten the handles in the eye hole.


The hammer handle is mostly made of wood to give a slight spring action and withstand shaking.

Hammer handle length is used 25 cm to 32.5 cm for simple work and for sledge hammer this length is 60 cm to 90 cm.

Types of hammers and Their Uses

There are the following common types of hammers and their uses:
  • Ball Peen Hammer 
  • Cross Peen Hammer
  • Straight Peen Hammer 
  • Claw Hammer
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Soft Hammer
  • Mallet Hammer
  • Nylon Hammer
  • Plastic Hammer
  • Power Hammer

Show in the figure various types of hammers which are described below in detail.

types of hammers and their uses
Types of Hammers and Their Uses

Ball Peen Hammer 

This is a commonly used hammer. 

It has a face, a peen, an eye hole, and a handle. 

They are found in various sizes which range from about 55g to 1400g.  

They are hard and tempered. 

In ball peen hammers, small size hammers are used for layout work and large size hammers are used for bench work.   

It is mostly used to spread metal and riveting.

Ball peen hammer is also said to be Engineer's Hammer.

Cross Peen Hammer 

Its peen is at 90° from the handle.

In this type of hammers, crosses are made at 10 °.

It is mostly used for shoulder hammering, internal rounding, stretching, etc.

A Cross peen hammer is also used to make grooves on the sheet and bend the sheet.

Straight Peen Hammer  

Its peen is parallel to the handle.

It is mostly used for metal stretching and making a groove.

Claw Hammer  

This is a special type of hammer.

A round face is made on one end of it and the peen on the other end is slanted towards the handle with a slot cut in the center.

With the help of this slot, the nails can be pulled out easily.

Sledge Hammer 

This type of hammer has both side faces which are flat.

This type of hammer is mostly used in blacksmith forging to straighten round rods, iron bars, angle iron, channels, flat iron, etc. 

Its shape is similar to that of the double-ended hammer. 

As it is used for heavy jobs, it has a higher weight such as 4 kg to 10 kg.

Soft Hammer

Soft Hammers are made from solid lead, copper, or Babbitt metal. 

They are used to completely position the work in the machine vice, drive the mandrel or perform some other similar operation on which the work surface or its edge is damaged by hammering the steel hammer. 

Like copper hammers are used in steam turbines for striking and punching.

Mallet Hammer

Mallet Hammer is a hammer made of wood, it is used in a sheet of metal and also in wood works.

Nylon Hammer

Nylon hammer has nylon pads that can easily absorb shock.

Nylon pads can be easily changed if it deteriorates.

It is basically used in the tool room.

See in figure mallet hammer and nylon hammer,

types of hammers and their uses
       Types of Hammers

Plastic Hammer

The plastic hammer is similar to the nylon hammer, the only difference is that instead of nylon pad uses rubber pads.

Power Hammer

The power hammer is used in heavy forged work and is driven by a motor.

This type of hammer is mostly used where a lot of hammering is required.

Precaution while using Hammers

The following types of precautions should be followed while using hammers. 
  1. The Hammer handle should be well fixed in the eye hole. 
  2. Should not use round handle. 
  3. Select Hammer according to the job. 
  4. Hand and hammer handle should not have oil or any type of lubricant, etc. when using Hammer.
  5. According to the job, a suitable weight hammer should be used. 
  6. The hammer should be held by the end of its handle, but the edge of the hammer should not come in contact with the work at all.  
  7. Hammer with a loose head or torn handle should not be used. 
  8. The hammer face should be flat on the work that is to be strike.

In this topic, I discussed what is hammers, what are parts of hammers, how many types of hammers and their uses.

So, I hope you are all satisfied, if any queries you can comment or ask through the mail.

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