Surface Grinding Machine Parts and Function,Types,Uses

Hello friends, Today I am going to discuss surface grinding machine parts and their functions.

Along with surface grinding machine parts and their functions we will also know about types of surface grinding machines, methods of surface grinding, and much more.

Surface grinding machine is the types of grinding machine like cylindrical grinding machine, centerless grinding machine, tool and cutter grinding machine, etc.

So without wasting time let's know step-by-step surface grinding machine parts and functions, types, methods, etc.

What is Surface Grinding Machine

Surface grinding machine is the type of grinding machine which are used to produce a flat surface.

The surface grinding machine is mainly operated by the periphery of the grinding wheel or by the flat face of the grinding wheel.

These grinding wheels rotate and grind the workpiece or a job to achieve the flatness as per requirement. 

Uses of Surface Grinding Machine

It is used to perform the following operations:

  1. Grinding flat surfaces
  2. Grinding vertical surfaces
  3. Grinding slots
  4. Grinding angular surfaces
  5. Grinding radius  
  6. Cutting off

Surface Grinding Machine Parts and Functions

There are the following basic parts of surface grinding machines are used:
  • Base
  • Vertical Column
  • Saddle
  • Table
  • Wheel Head
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Wheel Guard
  • Coolant
  • Hand Traversing Wheel
  • Vertical Feed Hand Wheel
  • Cross Side Hand Wheel

Show in figure surface grinding machine parts and their functions described below.

parts of surface grinding machine
Parts of Surface Grinding Machine


It is the most important part of the surface grinding machine which is used to support the entire body of the machine.

It is generally made of cast iron.

Vertical Column

A vertical column is the part of the surface grinding machine where the wheel head is mounted. 

It also has a driving mechanism through which columns can be raised or lowered.


It is the frame that keeps the table raised. 

It is used to provide cross feed to the workpiece. 

A saddle can be moved by a cross feed hand wheel.


It is fitted on the saddle which has 'T' slots for clamping purposes. 

A table can be moved by hand traversing the wheel.

Wheel Head

It is mounted on a column that can be raised or lowered by rotating the hand wheel to allow workpieces of different heights and the wheel can be set for the depth of cuts.

Grinding Wheel

It is the most important part of the surface grinding machine which performs different operations.

Most often the following grinding wheels are used:

(a) Straight

(b) Double raised

(c) Thin rubber slotting wheels, etc. 

Usually, the grinding wheel size is 250 mm in diameter and 25 mm in a face. 

The grinding wheel size can be increased according to the capacity of the machine.

Wheel Guard

A wheel guard is used for safety purposes which covers the entire grinding wheel.


A lot of heat is generated during the grinding operation, coolant is used to control this heat.

Hand traversing wheel

This is the wheel that is used to a moving table in the longitudinal direction which means the table can be moved longitudinal left or right.

Vertical Feed Hand Wheel

Through this vertical feed hand wheel, the wheel head can be raised or lowered by which the grinding wheel can be set for the depth of cuts.

Cross Side Hand Wheel

This is the wheel is used to adjust the table with respect to the grinding wheel so that the grinding operation can be performed with precision.

Types of Surface Grinding Machine

There are four types of surface grinding machines are used:
  • Horizontal Spindle Reciprocating Table
  • Horizontal Spindle Rotary Table
  • Vertical Spindle Reciprocating Table
  • Vertical Spindle Rotary Table

Horizontal Spindle Reciprocating Table

It consists of a rectangular shaped work table that performs horizontal reciprocating. 

In these types of surface grinding machines, the peripheral surface of the grinding wheel is used to grind the workpiece and produce flat surfaces.

Horizontal spindle reciprocating table surface grinding machine is widely used in industry as compared to other surface grinding machines.

Horizontal Spindle Rotary Table

These types of surface grinding machines are used to grind round or thin workpieces and also can be used to tilt the work table to grind annular workpieces or a job.

Vertical Spindle Reciprocating Table

In these types of surface grinding machines, the width of the worktable is lesser than the diameter of the grinding wheel.

In this surface grinding machine, a simple workpiece or a job is to be used to produced flat surfaces.

Vertical Spindle Rotary Table

In these types of surface grinding machines, the workpiece continuously rotates on the rotating worktable thus the production efficiency of this machine is high.

Methods of surface grinding

  1. Firstly place the grinding wheel as per requirement.
  2. Place the workpiece on the magnetic chuck.
  3. Adjust the work table to bring about 3 mm of contact with the inner end of the workpiece and feed the wheel onto the workpiece.
  4. After then feed the table longitudinally and at the same time feed the table inward to adjust the workpiece and grinding wheel.
  5. And then perform grinding operation.
  6. When the job is done, remove the job and clean the machine.

So friends here I discussed completely surface grinding machine parts and function, types, and also methods of grinding.

I hope you all enjoy this topic.

Thank You.

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