Die and Die Stock: Types and Uses

Hello friends, Today you will learn about die and die stock in which we will discuss their types and uses.

Die is used to cut external threading on round work.  

For holding these types of dies, die stock is used.

See in figure die and die stock which is described below in detail.

die and die stock
Die and Die Stock

What is Die?

A die is used to make an external thread on a rod, shaft, or pipe.

The die has standard V shape threads, and flutes are created to form the cutting edge.  

The die is round or square.

The threads on one side of the die are somewhat chamfered so that it can easily start the cut by sitting on the rod.  

The die is usually made of high carbon steel or high-speed steel and is hardened and tempered.

Types of Die

There are following types of dies are used.
  • Solid Die 
  • Split Die
  • Adjustable Die
  • Plate Die or Die Plate
  • Pipe Die
  • Chaser Die
  • Acron Die

Solid Die 

A solid die is made in a single piece and its size remains fixed.

Threads are created throughout the length in a single setting.

It is mainly used in making old and worn-out threads.

It is also called a die nut.

Split Die

A split die is used to accommodate large size differences.

It is also called a circular die or button die.

Adjustable Die

It gives more adjustment than split dye.

These dies are always found in pairs and used together.

Plate Die

It is made of high-carbon steel. 

Die holes of different sizes are made in it. 

It is mostly used for making threads of less than 3 mm size.

Pipe Die

It is used for making a thread on a pipe.

Chaser Die

These types of the die are mostly used in automatic machines.

Acron Die

It is mainly used for cutting threads in depth.

Die Formula

The diameter of the thread cutting rod should be undersized which means slightly less than the major diameter of the thread.  

The following formula can be used to find die for shaft diameter of a rod:

 D = d - p x 0.1 


D = diameter of shaft rod 
d = diameter of die
p = pitch of a thread

Caution during Operation of Die

Important points to remember while cutting the thread from die:
  1. The right size die should be selected according to the size of the rod on which the thread is to be cut.  
  2. The edge of the rod on which the thread is to be cut should be chamfered slightly so that the die can easily start the cut on it.  
  3. The die should be run straight.  
  4. The die should be driven half a circle forward and half a circle back.  
  5. The dye should be cleaned after applying oil or grease.

After discussing die and their types now we will discuss die stock and their types, uses, etc.

What is Die Stock

This is a device used to hold the die during external threading.

Generally die stock is made of cast steel, mild steel, or cast iron.

Types of Die Stock

  • Solid Die Stock
  • Adjustable Die Stock
  • Quick Die Stock

Solid Die Stock

It is made from a solid piece of metal with a circular body and two handles fitted on either side of the body. 

The body has two side screws and a center screw to hold and adjust the die. 
It is also called button pattern die stock.  

This die stock is used to hold the circular solid and split dyes.

Adjustable Die Stock 

It has a rectangular body and two handles fitted on either side of the body. 

There is a clamping screw on the body for the adjustment of the die.  

It is used to hold a two-piece die.

Quick Die Stock 

It consists of a circular body and two handles fitted on either side of the body. 

It is used to hold the adjustable screw plate die.

So friends in this topic we have to know about die and die stock as well as their types, uses, etc.

I hope you all enjoy this topic.

Thank You.

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